Hello Hello

Hi, I am Angelina. A family historian and memory keeper; a wife, mom, and friend.


I LOVE images that are....

Timeless. Authentic. Artistic.

... and full of emotion, connection, and depth.

Who am I?

I am quieter, contemplative, attentive to detail, and a deep thinker. For those familiar with personality types, I am an INFJ on the Myers Briggs and an Ennegram 1. I find dry or deadpan comedy funny. I studied psychology and counseling in school and am comfortable exploring ideas rather than finding absolutes. That is a little bit about me. I hope I can learn more about you!

A few of my favorite things

Learning new languages and about other cultures

I spent a semester abroad in Barcelona and fell in love. I hope to live in Spain again one day, have my family become fluent, and travel around the country of Spain.


Exploring new cities and places

Discovering new places, especially on foot and by public transit. I have lived in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, and North Carolina. The different climates, terrain, people, and ways of life have always intrigued me. When I travel or move, I like to find my favorite local café and cupcake place each place I go.


Acoustic music

Especially live. Just a voice and a guitar. I could listen to it all day.

Why Photography

I enjoy the process of creating meaningful memories of moments of your life right now, that are forgotten in detail over time. The photos I love help us relive our memories and transport us back to that time.

They are also a legacy for our families now and for those who come after us.

What are sessions with me like?

A session with me is customized. I bring my artistic vision and work with you to make a session that feels unique and personal to you. No two families are the same, so no two sessions are the same.

Kind Words


We had a fantastic experience with Angelina for our newborn photos. She was very communicative, helped us through the entire process, and the photos are amazing. She was very relaxed during the shoot in our home and helped us create beautiful memories. Even though we were worried our home wasn’t staged enough, it was perfect. She helped us showcase our new little family in a very personal way. She spent extra time to make sure we didn’t feel rushed and baby was comfortable throughout.

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