Home is a special place.


It's where so many memories are made, meaningful conversations are had, and food is prepared and enjoyed together. When I look back at photos, I love seeing how the house looked at that time and other personal items. It's nice knowing and remembering your history. Studio photos are great at freezing time but in-home sessions add the extra touch of having a backdrop special to you.  


In-Home Newborn sessions capture you with your newborn in a natural, meaningful, and intimate way. There are few props used- mostly just special items you want to include or some wraps and swaddles that I can provide. Mainly natural light is used in your home or subtle flash that mimics natural light for cloudy days or dark rooms.


Here are a few other reasons why I love in-home newborn sessions:

  1. They’re convenient for families. No need to get your newborn baby out the door and worry about being late to your session. If you’re not quite ready when I arrive, I will use that time to check out rooms in the house to photograph in, get to know any siblings, and take detail shots.
  2. They’re low stress. Especially with young siblings. After siblings have the picture taken, they can take breaks, eat snacks, or play in the safety of their home, while mom, dad, or myself focus on getting the images. No need to clean either- items that need moved can quickly be moved when I get there, and dust and dirt does not show in pictures (yay!).
  3. They’re personal and customizable. There are SO many ways to go about an In-Home Newborn session and that’s part of the fun! I learn what you are looking for and customize the session to your needs. Whether it’s focusing on the family as a whole, adding a studio look, posing baby in natural simple ways alone, siblings- the skies the limit.

The images that are the most special to me (and I’m sure your child) are the ones that have the family together, or where you can see and feel a mother’s or father's love. Those moments are worth capturing and preserving for all time.