Here are a few more thoughts on why hiring a professional photographer may be a worthwhile investment for you!


"You don't take a photograph, you make it"

Ansel Adams

You want authentic, natural images and want to be IN the images. 

I also cannot be in the frame as often as I would like. Sure there is the self-timer mode, but this takes a lot of trial and error and it is not always easy or feasible to get the right angles or the shots you are envisioning. I want moms (especially because they tend to be the family historians more often than not!) to be in the frame. And I want to capture the moments authentically- the real smiles, reactions, and interactions with your family and kids. The in-the-moment rocking, snuggling, and hand-holding. I prefer these authentic moments as they bring me back to that moment in time that I want to remember.

Natural Newborn Photographer Mom and Baby

You want and appreciate the many services a photographer provides.

So much goes into making an image from good to great! There is wardrobe styling, location preparation, lighting considerations, the shooting, culling, editing, delivering, and finally, printing. A photographer who has mastered their craft is there to help you every step of the way. Instead of having hundreds if not thousands of duplicate or similar images to cull through, your photographer does this for you. They put in the hours after the session to pick the most beautiful images, edit them, and prepare them for you in a curated gallery ready for printing. It took me years to make a wedding album and many years to make albums of my kids. As a professional photographer, I love helping families expedite the process and provide this invaluable service.

I hope you enjoyed reading and would love to hear your thoughts on why you find hiring a photographer an invaluable investment!