Choosing an outfit can be the hardest part! The colors, textures, and styles of the outfits you choose really influence the outcome of the image.

Above all, you should choose something you feel comfortable in and that reflects your style. Neutrals tend to have a more timeless feel and work well in a variety of settings. Textures in lace and knit also add visual interest to the image.

When styling families, I always recommend starting with mom and building from there. Colors can compliment one another, be analogous colors or monochromatic in shades and tones. Slightly muted colors tend to photograph better, as hot colors tend to cast undesirable colors on the skin.

natural maternity photos
Maternity dress ideas

Here is a list of some of my recommended online boutiques and sites for maternity dresses.

Baltic Born has bump friendly maternity dresses with lace and different textures, such as the Caroline Lace Off Shoulder Maxi Dress, Victoria Blush Off Shoulder Maxi Dress, or one of the Swiss Dot Maxi Dresses. If you're looking for colors, Mustard and Rust compliment the outdoors as well.

Sew Trendy has a wide variety of styles that cover many looks, from more formal gowns to lace to boho dresses. If you're looking for a dress with a long tail this site has a little of everything and may be worth the look.

Jen's Pirate Booty has textured robes that can be used for more intimate apparel, such as the Botticelli Mantra Komono or the Barefoot Komono, in addition to lace and textured robes.

For more robes and intimate apparel, I recommend Etsy. There are various shops that carry pieces for a variety of budgets. WeAreReclamation on Etsy make pricier, handmade dresses, although they offer rentals here.

For rentals, I also recommend checking out Mama Bump Rentals for affordable dresses in a variety of styles that won't break the bank!

I'm happy to work with you to find your perfect outfit! Don't hesitate to send over ideas for feedback or ask questions!